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Java tool to compare and merge XML files
If you are handling many XML documents, sometimes you need to check the differences between two or more documents.
You can calculate differences with java-based command-line tool JExamXML.
Aimed at professional java developers, this tool may be very useful for every users working with XML. This software can be used either as a standalone program or as a jar file class library that is integrated with your own java application.
Pure java architecture allows running JExamXML on heterogeneous hardware platforms.

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Using JExamXML with java application
import com.a7soft.examxml.ExamXML;
import com.a7soft.examxml.Options;


   // Reads two XML files into two strings
   String s1 = readFile("orders1.xml");
   String s2 = readFile("orders.xml");

   // Loads options saved in a property file

   // Compares two Strings representing XML entities
   System.out.println( ExamXML.compareXMLString( s1, s2 ) );