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New in Version 5.48 (17 January 2014) ADD: Find a file name by text fragment
ADD: Add UTF-16BE encoding support
FIXED: Iterate subfolders on Network drives
New in Version 5.45 (6 October 2013) ADD: Inserting XML element
New in Version 5.43 (17 January 2013) ADD: Option to open XML file with external application
New in Version 5.41 (27 September 2012) ADD: option to skip the Comparison result dialog appearance
New in Version 5.41 (19 August 2012) ADD: Add Output folder for diff xml files in FolderCMP
ADD: Add filter to Result View in ExamDir
New in Version 5.39 (20 July 2012) ADD: Release 64-bit version
New in Version 5.36 (24 June 2012) ADD: Use several search filters (e.g. *.xml;*.xsd;*.wsdl) for comparing folders
New in Version 5.35 (16 May 2012) ADD: Resolve drive-based mapped network e.g. H:\path to UNC \\server\path
ADD: Allow non-printable characters in XML Documents
ADD: Tips for all controls on the Toolbar
New in Version 5.33 (08 May 2012) ADD: Base path to folder for External Schema Location
FIXED: Looking for DTD file location using base path
New in Version 5.32 (04 May 2012) ADD: Maximum amount of rows in CSV file
New in Version 5.31 (26 April 2012) ADD: New validation option External Schema location
ADD: ISO-8859-15 encoding support
ADD: Use escape sequences (\t, \n, \#255) as a separator for CSV
New in Version 5.30 (16 April 2012) ADD: Display Added and Deleted elements in different manner
ADD: Order of elements at merging
New in Version 5.26 (1 February 2012) ADD: Adjusting the width and height of Element with long content
ADD: Comparing very long content of Element as a text in Unicode
FIXED: Correct selection Element when Tree View loses focus
New in Version 5.23 (13 December 2011) ADD: New option to load Ignored Elements at Startup
ADD: Use option file within ExamDir application
ADD: Compare XML resources from Internet
New in Version 5.22 (28 November 2011) ADD: Coloring Ignored Common Attributes
ADD: New Report differences
New in Version 5.20 (7 November 2011) ADD: Full integration with command line utility XMl2CSV
New in Version 5.14 (26 June 2011) ADD: Improved Main and Popup Menus appearance
FIXED: Displaying Big XML element in Tree View
New in Version 5.12 (4 June 2011) ADD: ExamDir folder history combo boxes
FIXED: ExamXML Pro evaluation and registration
New in Version 5.10 (25 April 2011) NEW: ExamXML Pro has been released
New in Version 5.01 (20 October 2010) ADD: Improved highlighting deleted XML elements.
New in Version 5.00 (16 September 2010) ADD: Modification loaded XML documents in XML Editor.
New in Version 4.74 (11 December 2009) ADD: New visualization options.
New in Version 4.73 (07 November 2009) ADD: New options for numeric normalization.
New in Version 4.70 (05 October 2009) ADD: Ignore XML elements/attributes Case sensitive.
New in Version 4.62 (07 July 2009) ADD: MS Windows Vista® support.
New in Version 4.60 (01 June 2009) ADD: MS Windows Vista® support.
FIXED: Memory leak during initialization.
New in Version 4.51 (18 January 2009) ADD: Full UNICODE support.
New in Version 4.40 (30 June 2008) FIXED: several important bugs.
New in Version 4.39 (12 April 2008) FIXED: several important bugs.
New in Version 4.38 (13 March 2008) ADD: Auto scrolling both XML Tree Views.
New in Version 4.37 (26 February 2008) ADD: New options to load encoding from source XML file.
New in Version 4.35 (26 November 2007) ADD: New options to ignore XML elements by full and short names.
New in Version 4.33 (19 October 2007) ADD: Encoding options for delta XML file.
New in Version 4.32 (17 September 2007) ADD: Improved viewing of XML elements within the XML Tree.
New in Version 4.31 (20 August 2007) ADD: Improved the Unique attribute option.
New in Version 4.28 (02 August 2007) ADD: Improving XML attribute comparison.
New in Version 4.26 (06 June 2007) ADD: Improving usability and fixing some bugs.
New in Version 4.25 (23 April 2007) ADD: New option to ignore Namespace prefixes.
New in Version 4.23 (21 March 2007) ADD: Two additional view modes let you display either differences or similarities in XML documents.
New in Version 4.22 (19 February 2007) ADD: The Key attribute option can be saved to text file and can be used next time.
New in Version 4.21 (07 January 2007) FIXED: Memory leaks in comparison huge XML files.
New in Version 4.20 (14 December 2006) ADD: Saving differences with the Entire element option allows you to print elements with all sub-elements
New in Version 4.19 (04 December 2006) ADD: New ignoring options let you avoid unimportant changes in comparison XML documents with long text elements.
New in Version 4.18 (16 October 2006) ADD: Display the Line number info on the status bar.
New in Version 4.17 (04 September 2006) ADD: New formats of the report diff file.
New in Version 4.16 (20 June 2006) ADD: Saving all options to a text file allows close integration with mdcxml.
New in Version 4.15 (01 June 2006) ADD: Save and restore the Key Element option to / from a text file.
New in Version 4.12 (05 April 2006) ADD: New validationís options
New in Version 4.11 (06 January 2006) ADD: Improved scrolling features in the Multiline view mode.
New in Version 4.10 (20 December 2005) ADD: Display only different and deleted elements
ADD: Expand all different and deleted elements
New in Version 4.05 (30 September 2005) FIXED: Navigation in the Multiline view mode
New in Version 4.04 (12 September 2005) ADD: Improved scrolling functions
New in Version 4.03 (02 September 2005) ADD: Validate XML file against DTD file located on the URL
New in Version 4.02 (02 August 2005) ADD: New features for ignoring elements and attributes
New in Version 4.01 (24 July 2005) ADD: Save Ignoring condition option to text file and load this option.
New in Version 4.00 (4 July 2005) ADD: Improved user interface highlighting differences down to the level of attributes and elements
New in Version 3.33 (2 May 2005) ADD: Load bad formatted XML file for verification purposes
New in Version 3.32 (25 April 2005) ADD: Save options to a text file
ADD: Use several key element options to compare and find differences in XML files
New in Version 3.30 (20 March 2005) ADD: New icons for deleted and changed elements
New in Version 3.27 (12 February 2005) ADD: An option file as a command line argument for ExamXML
New in Version 3.26 (02 January 2005) ADD: Insert process instructions and comments highlighting differences between XML files
New in Version 3.25 (15 October 2004) ADD: Ignore XML elements that match user-specified condition
New in Version 3.20 (02 August 2004) ADD: New list of Common Attributes on the Ignoring dialog
New in Version 3.17 (18 July 2004) ADD: Quotes in attributes are allowed
New in Version 3.15 (05 July 2004) ADD: Save XML files in different formats (DOS / UNIX / MAC)
New in Version 3.14 (28 June 2004) ADD: Ignore Common Attributes (attributes in all elements of the XML file)
New in Version 3.12 (12 June 2004) ADD: Compare XML files by key attribute
New in Version 3.11 (24 May 2004) ADD: Ignore specified XML attributes
New in Version 3.10 (04 May 2004) ADD: Ignore content of XML element
ADD: Autoload files with the same name from different folders
New in Version 3.01 (20 April 2004) ADD: Expand all nodes in a tree
ADD: Collapse all nodes in a tree
New in Version 3.00 (12 April 2004) FIXED: Double loading when pressing a return key in combo boxes of recently opened files
FIXED: Including ignored elements when save a XML file by pressing F8
ADD: Replace differences (synchronize elements)
ADD: Insert elements in XML Tree View.
New in Version 2.97 (04 April 2004) FIXED: Two elements are identical even if they have several different sub elements.
FIXED: Skip an ignored particular element at comparison with ignoring of elements order.
FIXED: The list of attributes is truncated at numeric normalization because the length of attributes was too small at normalization.
ADD: Ignore white spaces in attributes.
New in Version 2.96 (13 March 2004) ADD: Comparison option strict. Comparison without differences.
New in Version 2.95 (05 March 2004) ADD: Rounding at normalization of digits.
ADD: Possibilities to omit date or time portions at normalization of dates and times.
ADD: Reloading files after changing important options like normalization options.
New in Version 2.94 (01 March 2004) ADD: Tips of the day.
New in version 2.93 (18 February 2004) ADD: Check for updates
FIXED: Title with wrong length of the caption
FIXED: Wrong color schema for Windows XP
FIXED: The application does not start correctly on Windows 2000 SP4
New in version 2.92 (06 February 2004) ADD: Edit a file name in the file combo box
New in version 2.91 (02 February 2004) FIXED: Compare with ignoring of ordering child elements
ADD: New title with the names of files
ADD: Insert DOCTYPE in the output file
New in version 2.90 (21 January 2004) ADD: New  Load from separate folders option
ADD: Import data from SQL server
ADD: Improved comparison (continue)
New in version 2.85 (14 January 2004) FIXED: Parents are equal but the sub elements are not.
New in version 2.84 (04 January 2004) ADD: Comparison by key elements
New in version 2.83 (29 December 2003) ADD: Import and export to / from Excel (CSV file)
New in version 2.82 (21 December 2003) ADD: Customize colors of different and deleted elements
ADD: New  Ignore order of elements option to differentiate XML documents
ADD: New  Include ignored elements option to find changes
ADD: Load files from different folders by default
New in version 2.80(08 December 2003) ADD: Display elements in the Multiline mode.
New in version 2.78 (05 December 2003) FIXED: Dynamic validation of namespace at loading XML files
New in version 2.77 (24 November 2003) ADD: Open with external application like IE or Notepad
New in version 2.77 (20 November 2003) ADD: Save deleted elements
ADD: Save common elements
ADD: New  Unique attributes option to compare XML documents
New in version 2.70 (18 November 2003) ADD: Combo boxes with recently open files on the toolbar
New in version 2.67 (17 November 2003) ADD: Customizing of the fonts
New in version 2.60 (05 November 2003) ADD: Popup element menu
ADD: Split windows
New in version 2.56 (22 October 2003) FIXED: Wrong comparison when there are duplicate ignored elements
New in version 2.55 (18 October 2003) ADD: Encoding symbols like & in &: at writing to output XML file
ADD: Comparison of attributes now is case sensitive
New in version 2.54 (08 October 2003) ADD: Validation of the schema at loading now is optional
New in version 2.51 (29 September 2003) ADD: New look and feel with transparent images in XML Tree View
New in version 2.50 (25 September 2003) ADD: Merge XML files to the output file
ADD: Save differences between XML files to the output file
New in version 2.45 (23 September 2003) ADD: Ignore elements at comparison
New in version 2.40 (18 September 2003) ADD: Normalization of dates and times
ADD: Normalization of numeric fields
New in version 2.30 (07 September 2003) ADD: Coloring differences in the view window
New in version 2.25 (03 September 2003) ADD: Save and restore options to/from a registry
New in version 2.23 (26 August 2003) ADD: Navigation throw differences on the same level while the Control key is pressed
ADD: Comparison option ignoring attributes
ADD: Comparison option ignoring content of elements
New in version 2.2 (15 August 2003) ADD: Drag and drop supporting
ADD: Menu item Recent files
New in version 2.0 (04 August 2003) ADD: Comparison becomes faster
New in version 1.5 (21 July 2003) ADD: AutoCompare checkbox on the Toolbar
ADD: AutoSelect checkbox on the Toolbar
New in version 1.42 (14 July 2003) ADD: View an element in a separate window
New in version 1.41 (09 July 2003) ADD: New color schema
New in version 1.4 (05 July 2003) ADD: Comparison option Full mode
New in version 1.31 (23 June 2003) FIXED: Error in calculation of differences
New in version 1.3 (11 June 2003) ADD: New look and feel with bitmaps
New in version 1.25 (01 June 2003) FIXED: Memory leak at comparison
New in version 1.2 (19 May 2003) ADD: Command line arguments
New in version 1.1 (05 May 2003) ADD: Enhanced search function
New in version 1.0 (25 April 2003) ADD: First release